Pasko sa Melbourne 2023

Events Highlights

Pasko sa Melbourne hosts a range of exciting events and activities during the holiday season, including:



We celebrate the Filipino tradition of Simbang Gabi with a series of novena masses held in different locations across Melbourne. These masses bring the community together to prepare spiritually for Christmas.



Our annual Christmas gift-giving program provides an opportunity for us to give back to the local community. We collect donations and distribute gifts to those in need, spreading the joy and spirit of Christmas.



We host workshops to teach the art of making traditional Filipino parols (lanterns). This craft is an essential part of Filipino Christmas decor, and we encourage everyone to get creative and join in the fun.


Pasko sa Melbourne

Our grand Christmas concert showcases the rich tapestry of Filipino music and dance. Local talent and special guests come together to perform traditional songs and dances that embody the essence of Filipino Christmas.


Food and
Craft Fairs

Our annual Christmas bazaar brings the flavors and crafts of the Philippines to Melbourne. You can savor Filipino cuisine, shop for unique holiday gifts, and experience the beauty of Filipino craftsmanship.

Our Story:

Pasko sa Melbourne was founded by a group of enthusiastic Filipinos who wanted to bring the warmth and cheer of the Philippines’ Christmas traditions to the diverse and multicultural city of Melbourne. Inspired by the spirit of “Pasko” (Christmas) in the Philippines, our organization was established with the vision of creating a memorable and immersive holiday experience for Filipinos and Australians alike.

Our Mission:

At Pasko sa Melbourne, our mission is to foster unity, understanding, and cultural exchange. We aim to create a welcoming space where everyone can come together to enjoy the unique flavors, sounds, and colors of a Filipino Christmas celebration. Through our events and activities, we hope to promote cultural appreciation, friendship, and a sense of community among all those who participate.

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Thank you for your interest in Pasko sa Melbourne, where we bring the magic of a Filipino Christmas to the heart of Melbourne!

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Contact : 0421 111 774